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Privacy Policy

Alive Graphics Company fully adheres to its privacy and personal information obligations. The team at Alive Graphics is dedicated to managing the all personal information, data and Images you provide (PII) for the purpose of Image Editing. Our privacy policies are in accordance with the specific rules of the privacy laws of all nations.


1. Alive Graphics does our best to safeguard your privacy with the proper application of encryption technology.
2. Alive Graphics respects your privacy. You will only receive the
marketing & other communications via Alive Graphics or from third parties that you have signed the agreement for.
3. Alive Graphics will only gather and use your data with your written consent.
4. Alive Graphics will be open about the use of information and its collection.
5. Alive Graphics is accessible through The World Wide Web. The information that is disclosed can be accessed from any place in the world.
6. Any information transferred from any country to Alive Graphics shall be secured.

What personal information Alive Graphics will collect

(a) Categories of Personally Identifiable Information. We gather by and by recognizable data from you provided that you pursue a bulletin or get in touch with us including:

Your name,

Your email address, and

Message subtleties you send with requests

Test Images for the purpose of editing.

(b) Modification or Removal Process. If it’s not too much trouble, reach us assuming that you wish to adjust your data.

(c) Privacy Policy Modifications and Updates. We might refresh and adjust this Privacy Policy. Assuming we adjust or refresh the strategy, we will post a notification on the Site for 30 days preceding the change coming full circle.

(d) Effective Date: The compelling date of this new security strategy will be effective from March 15, 2018.

(e) Do Not Track Signals. We do at present respect the “don’t follow” signals gave by programs or other outsider sources.

(f) Third Party Tracking: As an issue of straightforwardness, we’ve chosen to unveil to you whether outsiders can get and follow your by and by recognizable data through our site. Google and different locales recorded beneath can follow you through this Site as we utilize their administrations for online media and foundation purposes. Google takes an interest in the NIA quit program. You can visit this connect to as of now not be followed by Google and Google properties like Google Plus. You can likewise visit the accompanying destinations to peruse their security approaches and how they track people across the web:





You can utilize/use tools like Privacy Badger to additionally control your data  on the web.

In addition to SEO, Alive Graphics uses cookies and similar technologies for tracking and collecting statistics on advertising data. In allowing cookies to be utilized, you agree to allow Alive Graphics to see the tracking information provided from your devices.
Children and Privacy
We do not take any personal information of children who are younger than 13 years old. If we discover from an external or internal source that we have collected any personal information of children who are younger than 13, we will erase these details from our system as fast as we can.
Security Concerns
In case you have got any queries about our privacy statement Please do not hesitate to reach us. We will get back to you as quickly as we can.