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Fashion Look Book Editing

Your fashion look-book makes the first impression about your brand. We at Alive Graphics have highly skilled team who would give a professional and chic look to your pictures.

Introduction To Fashion Look Books Editing Services

A lookbook without editing is of absolutely no use. No matter how much effort you put into capturing the photographs, there will be some flaws which are inevitable and you would need a professional editing to overcome those flaws.

While the majority of the lookbooks are focused around fashion, making it possible without a graphic designer is very strenuous task as it requires skillful knowledge about editing and retouching.

What can be done ?

  • Cleaning up, making smooth or extending backgrounds/backdrops or floors
  • Retouching models skin & keeping it looking natural
  • Removing imperfections, dust, creases of clothes.
  • Changing colors, contrasts, Resizing & alignments etc

As a high-end fashion lookbook editing company and fashion photo retouching service providers, we aim our clients to give the best quality of work with profitable outcomes.

What will Fashion Look Book Retouching do ?

Outsourcing to fashion lookbook photo editing services ensures that the outcome is up to brands expectations. We adhere to international quality standards for all our fashion lookbook projects.

  • We leverage the state of the art skin retouching technologies, and deliver with precision after addressing all the flaws in the picture.
  • We will attempt and tried strategies that can take out skin flaws, stray hair, wrinkles/dust/soil from your item, and other major and minor errors.
  • We can add depth to the pictures and transform them into professional fashion lookbooks.

Our style lookbook editing services are exceptionally helpful for brands, organizations, photographic artists, and others.

We believe in delivering high quality results with a short turnaround time. With a group of expert and experienced visual creators, we perceive your careful necessity and bring out outcomes above and beyond.

Our Fashion Look Book Services

We provide a wide range of photo editing services with superb customer support for our global clients.


Skin retouching, Regenerating and Enhancing Skin
We work on reducing skin marks, blemishes, dark spots, correction of skin tone and improving the overall look of the skin health to ensure that the final image is immensely appealing. Alive Graphics provides exceptional skin retouching services and excels at delivering unbeatable results while retaining the natural texture of skin. Our expert editors can significantly reduce, lighten or remove the wrinkles scars, acne marks, age spots, pimples while still maintain the overall glamour and natural look of the photo to enhance flawlessness of the skin. We also make sure that the skin tone and the color of the skin are intact and does not lose its luster.


Sculpting body shape/Body Modifications/Body contouring
Body reshaping is generally needed when the body shape of a model does not compliment the product they are advertising. Body reshaping is a delicate technique in photo editing and it requires people that have experience with image editing. Our graphic designers provide high-quality natural reshaping of all the flawed zones in the body of the product. We also help in reshaping body curves and applying body modifications techniques.


Image Editing, enchantment and cleaning background/Floor
Image enhancing techniques helps in bringing out the overall aesthetics value of the image. Working with a wide range of industries like, E – commerce, Fashion, retail and others, our experts can precisely understand your creative brief and can deliver their best work at a faster turnaround time. Often times, removing the background is not enough, so to make the image look realistic we offer additional services like color correction, removing reflections, shadows and more.


Fine tuning the contrast and brightness
If your photo requires enhancement in terms of contrast, brightness, color correction, we are here to cater all your needs be it fashion photography or fashion Lookbook. We make sure that after enhancing the photographs receive the right attention from viewers for making the purchase decisions.


Reduce & Remove Wrinkles/Creases and Folds
Customers are attracted to pristine clothing images. Though it’s tough to work on wrinkles or folds during a photoshoot, but these can be removed or reduced during the editing process where our team of experts imply techniques and make the images more presentable. A good clothing or apparel photo need to be free of any wrinkle or crease. It makes the photo more attractive and presentable and creates an urge to purchase the apparel as they appear.


Product/Clothing Retouching
Retouching clothing or apparel products are incorporated if your images are too darkened or dull. With our clothing retouching services we make sure that we remove any faded color presences adding color effects, with realistic colors so that your products stands out in its natural colors. With our digital image enhancing techniques we enhance the clothing images and glorify it by applying retouching processes. Our team knows how to sculpt and shape the clothing around a body for a perfect fit.


Image cropping, resizing and Save For Web
The mainstream online entries have excellent pictures that have excellent capability to attract customers and possibly create an engagement. With our image cropping and resizing services we make sure that the originality of the subject is intact and image does not lose its measure to catch the eye and keep individuals locked in.


We deliver the following:
  • Converting Raw Files to Tiff and JPEG`s
  • Cropping the images as per client`s requirement
  • Providing images in multiple sizes as per your website and other E commerce portals
  • Save for Web/Optimize your images

Our Fashion Look Book Retouching Benefits

We at Alive Graphics have a brain to keep ourselves refreshed with the changing patterns in style photography so we can offer you the best and most appealing outcomes. We help you in your design lookbook altering needs with an eye for the most popular trend patterns.
  • Consistency and Cohesiveness across all the lookbook pictures.
  • Making pictures really engaging.
  • Remarkable altered pictures share the story behind the assortment.
  • Quality modifying work.
  • Pictures in CMYK and RGB Formats.

Fahion lookbooks had proven as the important asset while dealing with online clothing. We have many years of experience as we are working with fashion lookbooks brands, and making there images and models to shine. Mostly we work on skin retouching, fabric retouching, alignment, shadows, background editing and hairs etc.

Our service has no limit, and we are open to work if you have any specific needs or requirement for fashion lookbook service.


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