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Introduction To
Product Editing Services

Ever wondered how the products you see on the internet look so enticing and wonderful? Thanks to the product retouching skills of our talented editors who put in the efforts required and produce something that make you want to buy an item every time.

At Alive Graphics, we make sure that every product we retouch for a brand is of perfect quality and can easily connect with its audience and create a buying persona.

Perfect looking photos mean higher chances of sales. We cater clients across the globe and from different industry domains delivering our exceptional photo editing services.

E Commerce Product Editing Services

Pictures are worth a thousand words. E-commerce site all over the world use product pictures in huge quantities. Every single product varies in terms of color or design, none of which cannot be ignored keeping in mind the used experience on your e-commerce store.

Photo editing is a crucial part after product photography, at Alive Graphics we have handles thousands of images from single to multiple products with ease and no compromise in the produced quality.

We cater e-commerce store on various marketplaces such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Opencart and many more.

Product Editing Services

We work on removing flaws in the product photographs be it dust, scratches, spots, wrinkles or more. We make sure that your product is presentable to the viewer and easily grabs customer attention. We maintain all easy and complex procedures in our product retouching services with the use of different tools at our proposal.

  • Pro quality photographs
  • Background removal
  • Drop shadow
  • Photo cleaning

Background Removal/ White Background

If you find the background of your images unsatisfactory, we are here to transform your images effortlessly and expertly. We have necessary experience and expertise for image background removal services and our capabilities allow us to create perfect picture by changing dull or blurry backgrounds.

  • Our services are perfect for:
  • Background removal
  • White or transparent background
  • Isolating irregular images based on shaped or edges

Color Correction Services

Our professional photo editors making use of state-of-the art techniques to brew light into the poor lighted picture. We also improvise old, faded, wrinkled pictures perfectly.

We are one of the leading color correction service provider in the industry specializing in color correction over a vast range of domains. We provide exceptional results in a fast turnaround time using professional photo editing professionals.

  • Our services are perfect for:
  • Background removal
  • White or transparent background
  • Isolating irregular images based on shaped or edges

Color Change Services

Color changing services are the most cost efficient way to represent product variations. It is time consuming and expensive to take individual photos for each color of the product, this is where color changing services came into play, proving to be cost and time efficient.

  • Cost effective for multiple product shoots
  • Faster method to complete product portfolios

Original Shadow Services

Creating more realistic and natural look of the product drives more sales. Incorporating original shadow creates a sense of space and realism to the product image and make it more interesting. It is a common photo manipulation technique used after background removal services.

  • Creating sense of realism
  • Impacting customers
  • Adding shadows under natural light
  • Outlines the original shape of the product

Pack Shot and Flat Lay Retouching Services

Are you lacking the time to retouch packs shot photos? Do you need to present products in a professional way on your e-commerce store?

Pack shot retouching makes it possible for the customers to view the details of the product. We strive to make your product photos as best as possible, and help you get more sales and get your products the best visual impression imaginable.

  • Viewer attention grabbing
  • Adjusting brightness
  • Change or correct colors

Image Cropping and Re sizing Services

This process follows clipping the image of the product and resizing to create a visual impact on products shown on various e-commerce sites. Resizing the images affects the attractive look of the products. 

At Alive Graphics, our resized images means conversion in pixel dimensions, geometrical size and the resolution keeping intact he originality and quality of the images. We believe in catering the product photographers as there are a lot of reasons to get the best resizing possible to improve the overall composition of the image and focus on the main product and fit to the website dimensions.

Amazon Product Editing Services

Save time to focus on your business and leave the product/photo editing to Us!

Whether you are looking for simple photo editing or fulfilling Amazon’s editing requirements, we can help you. We offer Amazon product retouching services for apparels, footwear, home appliances, furniture and much more.

  • Background removal of the product.
  • Image cropping of the product.
  • Image resizing.
  • Color correction of the product.

We know how important are real-looking images for our clients and we are dedicated to cater our clients with the best in the market. With an experience of editing over 6 million images and counting, we are confident in delivering high quality and clean images with the help of our highly skilled professional editors.