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Bags Image Editing Services

Bags Image Editing Services

Bags have become an essential part of any outfit. Our team works hard to ensure that your bags look astonishing and high-end to the customers.

Professional Image Editing Services for Bags

With the way the fashion industry is revolutionizing, the need for handbags, sling bags, or backpacks is a must for an outfit to look complete. Also, these are functionally essential for anyone while stepping out. With the growing popularity of high-end bags from big brands it is necessary to showcase a complete look of your bag online for the customer and show and preserve the essential details of a bag. For anyone to buy from your brand a bag must be visually appealing. Bag photo editing services are one of the most popular product photo editing services these days since bags have become such a style statement now. When we say we do photo editing of bags, this is what we do:
  • Adjust the contrast and brightness
  • Add shadow effects for a more dramatic look
  • Background removal
  • Clipping path services
  • Change or enhance the colors of the products
  • Remove blemishes, creases, spots, and scratches
  • Display brand and label details
  • Resizing or rescaling the product photos

The online brand value builds up on a few factors and one of them is how well you present the products online. With booming e-commerce everything is just a click away. With so many options available on numerous online platforms, one has to stand apart from the crowd to sell more and for a better reach. Each photo that you put on your website should speak to the customer about its value and utilization. It should be able to catch and hold the attention of the customer and compel them to buy the product.

With our product photo editing services, you will heavily benefit in drawing traffic to your website. You don’t have to worry and spend huge hours clicking perfect shots of the handbags but you can send us the images and we will retouch and edit them and take care of things like colour correction and background removal. Especially in bags, there needs to be extra attention paid on things like presenting the exact quality and texture of the material. We ensure that the products look beautiful and elegant at the same time.



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One-stop source

At Alive graphics, we prioritize giving a wholesome experience to our customers and for that, we have all the services one would require in one place. You would only need to provide us with your requirements and we take it up from there while your job is done.

Since our clients range from independent designers to big apparel brands, we are already versed with the kind of requirements and budget every client comes to. And we try our level best to deliver the best results within the designated time and budget. Below are the services which we provide majorly and these can be customized as per your need:


Accessories accentuate your look and define your personality. In other words accessories are the extension of your personality. The way you accessorize shows how you are in life. Minimalist, extroverted, introverted it can all be seen from the way one accessories. When it comes to accessories there are numerous options. Jewellery, Watches, Hats, Eyewear, Gadgets etc.
  • Color correction, contrast & light adjustments
  • Background removal
  • Clipping path & image masking
  • Adding natural shadows & shine effects
  • Metal polishing, adding natural sparks
  • Diamond & stones recoloring