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E Commerce Catalogs Editing

Introduction To
Fashion Catalog Image Editing

Product photo enhancing surely give your images a “WOW’ factor helping in increasing your sales. Our Fashion Catalog image editing services make your photos pop!

We offer high end background removal, clipping image for catalog photos, which make any product look great! Professionally retouched images have an exceptional track record as you can see marked increase in the sales of your products.

Fashion Catalog Editing Services

As a leader of Fashion Catalog image editing service provider with over 10 years of image editing experience, we are focused to cater multi variable brands fulfilling all their image editing requirements. Out experienced team works according to the customer’s preference until they are fully satisfied with the outcome.

We at Alive Graphics, provide expert fashion editing solutions that will take your catalog to another level and help you enhance your brand value. WE focus on a wide range including shoes, handbags, clothing/apparel and much more.


Fashion Catalog Editing for Clothing Brands

Retouching for clothing brands takes a lot of effort as there needs to be absolutely no changes to the details of the product. To preserve the show and design of the dress we use advanced image masking techniques to keep the tiniest details intact in the image.

We make sure that our highly skilled editor is performing all the tasks from simple dresses to more detailed and complex ball gowns and wedding dresses. We apply the following editing for clothing brands:

  • Clothes wrinkle removal
  • Image masking and clipping path
  • Background changing
  • Model skin retouching
  • Color correction

Fashion Catalog Editing for Accessories

Handbags, Backpacks, shoes etc. are essential accessories that make an outfit look complete. High end accessories editing is required to enhance the fashion statement of the products. During the editing process we make sure that all the details of the accessories are preserved. We also provide an efficient way to showcase different color varieties and styles of the products with our color changing techniques.

  • Color correction and Changing
  • Background removal
  • Image straightening
  • Clipping path
  • Image Masking

Fashion Editing Services

Majority of our clientele is composed of exclusive and luxurious e-commerce brands offering sportswear, swimwear, apparel and more. Despite their differences in the industry, we make sure, to deliver outstanding results to communicate the best qualities of the brand with them exceptional high-quality images.

At Alive Graphics, our talented and experienced fashion photo editing specialists deliver all kinds
of fashion photographs, beauty adverts and portfolios. We make sure that each image dealt
with utmost care and is much valuable.

We at Alive Graphics, provide bespoke editing services for various catalog editing categories. We offer a quick turnaround for our editing services at very competitive prices. We also prepare final retouched photos for print brochure or website optimized online shops.