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Clothing/Apparel Image editing services

Clothing/Apparel Image Editing

To have that flawless looking clothes on your online portfolio. We are here to help you with image editing and photo retouching as you want.

Professional Image Editing Services for Clothing and Apparel

Apparel photo editing is not as easy as it may sound but needs a lot of effort and commitment. The clothing photo editing industry runs and sells only on the way clothes and apparel look online. Our clothes photo editors make sure not to portray what a product is not and to exactly depict the actual description of clothes in terms of fabric and colors for better customer service.
Women’s Apparel

Image retouching for women’s clothes can be really tricky. You need to take care of every little detail like fabric and fabric flow, then take care of all the colors, prints, and creases. To do such a thorough job we have the best apparel image editing services in place. With the vast length and breadth, the women’s apparel industry occupies in the fashion industry there comes a huge demand for apparel retouching. Photo editing background also plays a huge role in how a dress would look on the web.

Our clothes photo editor provides the following photo retouching services:

  • Apparel’s wrinkles & flaws removal
  • Background & Floor Cleanup
  • Changing the background to transparent or plain white
  • Model skin retouching
  • Color correction, shadow removal
  • Resize, Cropping, and Export for Web
Men’s apparel

When we talk about men’s clothing editing, the first picture that comes into mind is that of a suited man. There are a lot fewer details in men’s clothing and mostly it is clean and crisp cuts and lines. But these cuts and lines should be absolutely flawless and wrinkle-free.

Here’s a list of photo retouching services we provide for Men’s clothing:

  • Background & Floor Retouching
  • Wrinkles & folds removal
  • Photo Cropping & Resizing
  • Model retouching
  • Image Masking/White or Transparent Background


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One-stop source

At Alive graphics, we prioritize giving a wholesome experience to our customers and for that, we have all the services one would require in one place. You would only need to provide us with your requirements and we take it up from there while your job is done.
Since our clients range from independent designers to big apparel brands, we are already versed with the kind of requirements and budget every client comes to. And we try our level best to deliver the best results within the designated time and budget. Below are the services which we provide majorly and these can be customized as per your need:


Accessories accentuate your look and define your personality. In other words accessories are the extension of your personality. The way you accessorize shows how you are in life. Minimalist, extroverted, introverted it can all be seen from the way one accessories. When it comes to accessories there are numerous options. Jewellery, Watches, Hats, Eyewear, Gadgets etc.
  • Color correction, contrast & light adjustments
  • Background removal
  • Clipping path & image masking
  • Adding natural shadows & shine effects
  • Metal polishing, adding natural sparks
  • Diamond & stones recoloring